We can find freedom and love of self through forgiveness.  Forgiveness is never about the other person.  Why?   Forgiveness is about releasing blocks including resentments and ways we disempower ourselves.

What is betrayal?  What is the frame we can put around this experience or word.  Are we going to tell the story of how I was abused in multiple experiences?  Or can I tell a hero’s journey of how I transformed my circumstances.

Louise Hay, the founder of Hay House, lived with her mother and step-father who physically, emotionally, and sexually abused her.  At the age of 15 she ran away from home.  She embraced any man who showed her kindness and soon became pregnant.  The child was given up for adoption.  Later she developed cancer.  But because she began to study spiritual principles she began to see patterns in her life of her not loving herself and lacking self-esteem.  She knew she had to change and began the journey not only of ridding her body of…

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