Toxins and What’s Bugging You! Supertone to the rescue!

We live in a world of toxins.  Have you heard of Body Burden in Newborns?  In a study (July 14, 2005) for the Environment Working Group in the United States, two major laboratories tested the umbilical cord blood of 10 newborn babies for 413 chemicals in 2004. They found that the blood in the babies’ cords contained an average of 200 industrial chemicals and pollutants. As cord blood reflects what is being carried through the placenta, this shows that man-made chemicals that have entered the mother’s body are being passed directly to the unborn baby.

Altogether 287 chemicals were detected in umbilical cord blood, including 209 of which had never been detected before in cord blood.

One hundred and eighty of these are carcinogenic, 217 are toxic to the brain and nervous system and 208 cause birth defects or abnormal development in animal tests.


Autism has increased from one in 2,500 children in 1997, to one in 68 in 2017.  Ask me about some of the many toxins that are involved.  I am sharing an anecdotal observation of a mom of two young children with autism several years ago.  We met at an autism support group, and the mom was drinking one diet soda after another with aspartame in it. Aspartame is a known neurotoxin that can easily pass the placenta to the unborn baby’s brain.  I have a large book here that cost me about $80 about 15 years ago titled: Aspartame Disease: The Ignored Epidemic by H. J. Roberts.

The question is how to avoid toxic products and water.  Does your mattress or carpeting contain flame retardants?  Do you filter your water?  The other question is how to minimize the residue in our body through safe detoxing.  The liver is a major organ for detoxing toxins including prescription drugs.

Supertone is one of the ways, I support my clients to detox their liver. Originally formulated by naturopathic doctor James Overman, Supertone is a combination of herbs that work their magic without you even being aware of it.  Supertone restores proper liver enzyme balance, removes fatty deposits from the liver, removes toxins, normalizes over 500 chemical reactions that occur in a healthy liver, aids digestion, helps with sinus and allergy problems, plus promotes weight loss by removing fat soluble toxins, plus many other benefits.

I also have other herbs that detox your body and joints. Yes, the joints often store uric acid crystals and metabolic toxins, and parasites as we age.

How often do you change your car’s oil?  What if the car was a Lexus or a Maserati?  How would you maintain it?  What about your billion dollar Maserati? What are you doing to maintain that liver of yours? Your body?  How much pollution have you accumulated over 50 to 70 years?

I hope that you make yourself a priority.  Learn about limiting beliefs that also wreak havoc on your health.  I was trained directly by Dr Overman in 2008 and have over 300 of his magical herbs to detox and remove parasites, plus heal their damage.  I find parasites easily through muscle testing.
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