About Agnes

I have a background as a nurse, nurse practitioner, but I became disillusioned when I saw how the system operates.  I developed arthritis.  Reading that the cause of arthritis is unknown in the medical textbooks did not sit well with me.  I met these amazing healers along the way because I was open to new ways of seeing myself.

At first, I learned natural ways to heal parasites from Dr. James Overman and one of his students.  Learning the Emotion Code/Body Code, Theta Healing, Yuen Chinese Energetics, and Certified Life Mastery Institute Coach followed.   What I learned is that we are spiritual beings living a human experience. We heal on many levels.

I have learned to embrace who I am.  I love my life, I feel deep joy, and I have attracted deep loving relationships.  But it was not always this way for me.  I used to feel I had no friends and that relationship was something that happened or did not.  I call it going through the motions of life without a deep connection to self.   I learned to release my emotional baggage and my beliefs about who I am and what is possible.  These changes did not happen overnight, but gradually.

If you or someone you love are feeling discouraged that deep loving relationship has passed you by or you are exhausted from hauling around the baggage of your past or your ancestors’ past, do not wait another moment.   Yes a lot of our baggage comes from our ancestors.  I would love to support you in connecting to more of the joy, feeling radiant that life offers.

-Agnes Loughlin