Get Greater Clarity for the Next Phase of Your Life!

Is it finally time to take care of YOU and get more clarity on what’s next for you?

If you are exploring new possibilities, re-imagining your life and/or work, contemplating changes in your lifestyle or want to expand your networks, then it might be good to do some new exploratory work with yourself?? Uncover new ideas, dreams and perhaps even places you might be settling?
If you’ve been busy-ing yourself up just to avoid life’s transition, what if you were to stop that and become more mindful and present instead?

I’m hosting a Life changing Retreat that will give you the guiding framework to understand the process of transition and forming powerful new habits.

This half-day retreat for women 50+ is interactive and is designed for participants to explore what’s next by:

Exploring new tools for successfully navigating changes

Expanding your possibilities and options

Understanding what is important and energizing for you

Creating a “next steps” action plan

Engaging and connecting with other women 50+ who are experiencing life transitions and seeking new possibilities

Creating a 4 Dimension Map for your Life and activate it

What would life be like if we could keep our conscious minds present, a state some call mindfulness, without defaulting to subconscious programs such as procrastination or just plain busy-ness?

YES, you CAN, end procrastination!

 If you did, what would your life be like??

 Well, I believe you would experience:

A clearer vision for what you ultimately want in your life, work or relationships

The deeper knowing of what steps you would need to take to achieve what you want

Transforming limiting beliefs to not get distracted

More joy, love and happiness

Being so much more motivated

Having more connection to your imagination and yourself

More success, money and visibility too!

Not only those things could happen but what about if you:
Most people do not achieve their intentions for their lives.

We are also often not fully consciously engaged in how we act and plan and default to old habits and ways of thinking and doing.

What sets this Retreat apart is the opportunity to become part of a vibrant community of women, and to make connections that can continue to enrich your life and support your journey. You also get the opportunity to create your life from conscious intention! Toss out old ways of being and doing!

What we’ll be doing:



Transformational work

Laser coaching

Breakouts and networking

When: Saturday December 3rd 9:30 am-1:30 pm CST

Where: Online on Zoom

Register now with one payment of $97


About Your Host:

Agnes Loughlin is a former nurse practitioner, certified Natural Health Practitioner, Theta Healer, Emotional Healer, Higher Brain Living Facilitator who has assisted many to create radiant health and empowering beliefs over the last 20 years. 

Her own journey included overcoming knee arthritis, releasing weight, incorporating visioning and new beliefs into her routine.