(According to Dr. Overman, unless otherwise noted)

  • AIDS caused by the human intestinal fluke living in the thymus gland contaminated with benzene. The HIV virus leaves as soon as the flukes are killed.

  • ARTHRITIS can be caused by roundworms, tapeworm cysts, protozoa, mycoplasma, or bacteria living in the joints.  Other causes are metabolic toxins in the joints.

  • ASTHMAcaused by Ascaris larvae and/or other worms in the lungs accompanied by bacteria, viruses, and/or fungi.
  • CANCERcan be caused by flukes living in various organs in the presence of isopropyl alcohol and other toxins.  Cancer can also be caused by fungi, slime molds, mildews living in tumors.
  • CROHN’S DISEASE caused by sheep liver flukes and pancreatic flukes living in the small intestine wall in the presence of Salmonella and Shigella bacteria.

  • DEPRESSIONAccording to Dr. Hulda Clark, “All persons I have seen with clinical depression had small roundworms in the brain.  This causes underproduction of neurotransmitters and out of balance transmitters.  If there is a cat or dog in your life, you could be inadvertently inhaling filthy animal dust.”
  • DIABETEScaused by the intestinal fluke living in the pancreas in the presence of methyl alcohol (a by product of aspartame found in diet sodas and used as an artificial sweetener).  Less severe types may be caused by other worms or protozoa living in the pancreas.
  • ENDMETRIOSIScaused by the human intestinal fluke living in the uterus in the presence of methyl ethyl ketone, or methyl butyl ketone.
  • HEART DISEASE caused by several roundworms including the dog heartworm.  Other causes are deposits of metabolic toxins on the arterial walls.

  • HODGKIN’S DISEASE caused by flukes in the kidneys.

  • MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS caused by flukes living in the spinal cord and nerves in the presence of xylene and toluene.

  • PROSTATE PROBLEMScan be caused by bacteria in the presence of nickel and other pollutants, worms, or  protozoa.  Junk estrogen can cause an enlarged prostate gland. The source of these estrogens are animal products from animals fed hormones to increase weight.
  • SCHIZOPHRENIAcaused by worms and bacteria in the brain in the presence of mold toxins and metals such as lead, mercury, and copper.
  • MOST OTHER DISEASESare caused by a combination of parasites and/or toxins.