Spring into your Emotional Strengths

Are you ready for new energy and opening your heart to more love? Now is the new later to heal some of the ancestral emotions and
learn to create powerful new ones. I have a special gift for you which I only gift to clients at my retreats or who book a Theta Healing and/or Emotional Healing session with me. Now is a special time for you to get this free gift!

Let me tell you about Anne: 

Anne had made some major decisions about changing her life before we met. She was a nurse like me.  She released some addictions, but engaged with me to release emotional issues, heart walls and limiting beliefs.  At a small retirement party 2 years later, she met with an old friend who was recently widowed.  They were both ready to open their hearts.  They were recently married and she is beaming with inner radiance and happiness.  When you are ready to open your heart, love appears!

“I am grateful to have discovered and tried ThetaHealing. Agnes Loughlin suggested a session to help me to resolve feelings of being stuck in fear and sadness after a series of traumatic experiences. The Theta Healing session Agnes led me through helped me to heal some negative beliefs rooted since childhood, shifting from feeling stuck and trapped by life into much more positive states of being. I now see more possibilities and find, myself looking forward to things again. I have seen a change in how I relate to others. I feel connected, yet can more easily maintain healthy boundaries without feelings of guilt. I feel lighter and more joyful!” —Therese Weber

So excited to share 3 secrets to emotional healing and wellness!

What is a Trapped Emotion?
How to think higher than the emotions you feel
How to create from Joy and Gratitude

Emotional healing is a form of energy healing which releases trapped emotions or emotional blocks embedded in your body from your past or inherited. All diseases have an emotional component associated with their presence. There are many types of negative emotional energies that we hold in our energetic fields, for example:heart walls, psychic trauma, emotional resonance, trapped emotions, absorbed emotions, emotional blocks, etc.

We attract disease through our own emotional states and belief systems. All disease is a lowering of frequency.

Releasing emotional energies in the body is simple and safe.There is no need to relive or remember the past trauma or pain. Emotional healing can set the stage for you to attract abundance into every area of your life.

Session includes releasing of your Heart Walls a $150 value which actually raises your vibrational level —
a phenomenal experience since most people never change their vibrational level.
For a description of vibrational level read “Power versus Force” by Dr. David Hawkins.”

March 22nd Wednesday  7:30pm-8:15 pm

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More About Your Host

Agnes worked as a Nurse, Nurse practitioner with experience in empowering others in this process endorsed by Dr. Joe Mercola and with her own process in releasing weight.  She is experienced in releasing limiting beliefs and trapped emotions that slow our process to optimal health.  Mastermind meets once per week for one hour with action steps and transforming beliefs that keep our bodies in fat storing mode.


“I learned more awareness on generating greater health from Agnes’s class. She shares a wealth of information that motivated me. I learned about intermittent fasting, healthy fats, clearing my throat chakra, clearing toxins from my body.Thank you so much.”