Get Greater Clarity for the Next Phase of Your Life!

Come to the Confidence, Creativity & Connection Retreat this Jul/Aug with Master Practitioner, Agnes Loughlin

Do you know there’s more to life than what you’re experiencing? Do you know you DESERVE more? 

You deserve to feel more joy, more love, more abundance. You deserve to manifest whatever you desire!

This 2-day retreat will be exactly what you need if so!

Hi there, I’m Agnes and I believe we are spiritual beings living a human experience.  We heal on many levels.

I’m a certified Theta Healer, Emotion Code facilitator, Life Mastery Institute coach, and Higher Brain Living Facilitator.

What does that mean for you? Well, I help a lot of individuals through a lot of challenging situations in life. 

Many clients come to me for issues with:

But it has not always been happiness unlimited for me.  When I was in my 40s, it seemed like I had no friends and my relationship was just something that happened or did not.  I was married, had two children.  I had no health or other real issues.  Why was I not feeling connected to my life and others?  In fact, it took me many more years to realize that my life was off track.

I call it going through the motions of life without a deep connection to love in myself.  I would go through the busyness of life: caring for my husband, children, working a job, cooking, cleaning, and attending social outings.  One day I woke up from this sleepwalk, when a visiting stranger forced me to examine what I really wanted in life.  It was painful at first.  I cried.  I was determined also.  I said that love was the only thing that mattered.

I read a book which inspired me to feel that deep joy and connection were possible.  The changes did not happen overnight but gradually over the next 2 years.  What changed was me.  I so wanted to feel that connection to myself as love.  I asked for it in meditation.  I released my emotional baggage and my beliefs about who I am and what is possible.  I learned and received healing modalities that changed my life.

I began to live my life with purpose and passion.  I attracted amazing relationships.  My relationship with myself changed.  I feel deep joy and deep gratitude in every aspect of my life.  This is why I would love to empower you in connecting with your inner power to have more of the joy and feeling radiant that life offers.

If you’re saying “yeah but” right now… perhaps you’re feeling like:

There is something more for YOU! 

YOU can become less stressed, less triggered.

YOU have a purpose. YOU’RE worth it!

Attend my next Confidence, Creativity & Connection Retreat and feel more empowered and energized to live and DESIGN YOUR life with happiness and passion! Recalibrate and reconnect in a relaxing, nurturing setting.

You are a powerful creator!

At the Confidence, Creativity & Connection Retreat you will gather with a supportive community of JOY Expanders and Experience the following:

Dates: Saturday and Sunday, July 31st & August 1st, 2021

Times: 9:00 – 8:00 pm CST Saturday and 9:00 – 3:00 pm CST Sunday

Location: Siena Retreat Center 5637 Erie St Racine Wisconsin 53401

We highly recommend that you spend at least Saturday night at the Center or surrounding area hotel. You want to remain in the energy of the event, and not have to go back into your home or with family so that you can get the most out of the retreat. Give yourself the gift of immersing yourself in this abundant energy for two days. Coming ahead on Friday night is even better so you can relax and come well rested. Single occupancy. Retreat Center does supply food, you can call them and ask.

What to bring:  A notebook or journal and your open mind to what’s possible. Wear comfortable clothes.

What else we’ll be doing:  Walking on the beach, meditation, perhaps sitting on the ground at some point, be comfy. Participants will be responsible for their own lodging and all meals. We will take breaks accordingly.

Total Value of all the activities, healing and experiences during this retreat is $2,550.

Your Early Bird Registration of $397 includes:

Registration increases $100 on June 15th and only 15 seats available!

pay now with one payment of $397

pay now with two payments of $199

Here’s what previous retreat attendees have said:

"It was great expanding my consciousness and awareness. I felt enthused to continue even more."

Linda Lawyer, Real Estate Investor

"It was nice to meet like-minded women and to share our experience and grow in Joy. We grew and learned together."