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Agnes’ Mission: “I enjoy empowering others to feel more love, connection, and aliveness in all their relationships.” 


Agnes facilitates wellness retreats, meditations and other connection calls and webinars often.  She believes that we are spiritual beings living a human experience and that we are able to heal on many levels.  Agnes empowers her clients to expand in self- love and to create aliveness in all their relationships.  She has spoken at the Infinity Foundation, Rotary Clubs, Unity in Chicago and at Radiant Health & Spirit Meetings in Des Plaines as well as numerous podcasts including Lead Up for Women, and Women Belong.

“Wow! This workshop was incredible. I’ve received new insights and I’m more individuals, supporting them to connect to their visions, accelerate their motivated than I have been in years! Thank YOU!”
Izabela Adamus
Owner Wholistic Therapeutics Physical Therapist
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“Agnes’ sunny disposition is such a joy to be around. Her compassion to help others experience good health is obvious by the compassionate way she speaks and interacts with people. Her vast knowledge of natural living practices is expressed through the good health she experiences and models. This makes her a very inspirational for women to learn from. The practical applications she shares in her talks can transform your life physically, mentally and spiritually.”
(Asana) Jean Shinners
International Speaker, Teacher and Student