Evolving Your Joy With Higher Brain Living®

Why do we access about only 5% of our potential? Overcoming overwhelm, disconnection, stuck.

What powers the happiness in your life?  When was the happiest day of your life?  What was the primary emotion you felt that time?

Why do we not feel this way all the time?  What gets in our way?

According to Cigna Global Health Co., 46 percent of Americans report feeling lonely, sometimes or always.  Dr. Lissa Rankin reports that feeling lonely is the number one factor at this time in the cause of disease including heart disease, depression, and anxiety.  Loneliness is just a symptom of our disconnect.  Lack of awareness leaves many feeling stuck and hopeless.

Let us look for a moment at Kate Spade who committed suicide at the age of 55 much to the disbelief of her friends and family.  I believe there is a part of Kate Spade in all of us.  The reason for mentioning Kate is that we often make assumptions of those we know based on outward barometers of success without knowing what they are often dealing with on the inside.  Yes this disconnect can show up at any time especially for younger teens and especially for mid-life women.  According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s report in 2018, there were more gunshot suicides than homicides by 62%.

There is a unique solution for women who struggle with feelings of overwhelm, disconnection, even depression.  I call it Evolving Your Joy with Higher Brain Living®.  I myself struggled unaware with this disconnect for over 20 years.  The immense joy and purpose that lifted me up after this struggle, left me with a great passion to share a path out of this cage that imprisons so many women.    May I share a bit about it with you?

Higher Brain Living® (HBL) is a way to tap into the part of the brain that we only access only about 5 percent of the potential.  It is the prefrontal cortex just behind the forehead.   By bypassing the lower brain structures, and energizing the prefrontal cortex, we see new possibilities on how to create what we want, especially a life of more gratitude, meaning, passion, and confidence.


What if we suddenly had the ability to make strong choices, see things with more clarity, take solid action steps without procrastination or doubt?  How would our world look?

HBL uses gentle touch technique to wake up the most evolved part of your brain with energy.  EEG recordings document significant changes in this part of the brain with HBL.  (click here).  Other leading thinkers in consciousness, such as Dr. Joe Dispenza, state that in order to initiate significant lasting change in our lives, it is necessary to change our brain waves.

We have discovered pathways in the spine and body that lead to the pre-frontal cortex of the brain.  These are energetic pathways in the central nervous system that when touched in the right location with the right pressure and vectors and in the right sequence, create a surge of energy into the seat of the Higher Brain—the pre-frontal cortex.

This process is transforming the way healing and personal growth is approached.  No other technique can create this response consistently like HigherBrain Living® does.

What if the time for this new brain to awaken in humans is not hundreds of years away, …but available  right now?

A higher consciousness is emerging in each of us that will allow us to thrive no matter what is going on around us.

Is this idea exciting to you?

Why do we only use about 5 percent of our higher brain’s potential?  The answer is lower brain dominance caused by stress in our environment.  Stress is associated with 90 % of all medical visits and chronic disease.  The lower brain evolved to keep us safe from predators and now it is interpreting your angry husband, a sick child, a traffic jam, a demanding or upset boss in ways that steal joy.

Does this seem far-out?  Consider this:  what would a smart phone have looked like to your great, great grandmother?  It would have looked like magic…yet today we understand that it is entirely possible.  Today we are seeing a new technique (SMART PHONE)  a latent potential that is alive within us all.  It seems far-out, and yet it is just a smart phone, the latest evolutionary advancement available to you.


Why is it so important to increase our time spent in the Higher Brain?

Einstein said, “You cannot solve a problem from the same level of consciousness that creates the problem in the first place.”  Your Higher Brain gives you the ability to solve problems and apply change to every area of your life!!!

The first thing we notice when energy is surging to the higher brain is a spontaneous movement and expansion of breath in the body creating a feedback mechanism called salutogenesis which means that more oxygen is coming into the body and metabolism is increasing in the prefrontal cortex.  This creates the possibility for radical transformation in your brain and your life.  We may also see stress being released in some by natural rejuvenating wave movements in the body.

My personal experiences with Higher Brain Living® are remarkable.  A synergistic effect of what I was with what I wanted to expand transformed me exponentially.  My life changed in all four dimensions:  mind, body, relationships, and environment (external creations including work.)

The 4 Dimensional Map is activated by the client twice daily in an ongoing practice.  I love this practice as I am constantly telling myself how my life is being created.  Negative thoughts are burned in the higher brain that is energized.  There is also a heart-brain connection activation that is part of Higher Brain Living®.  The heart is actually connected to the brain with many neurons, allowing participants to amplify more love and joy in sustained feelings and actions .

Recommended reading:  The Biology of Transcendence (2002) by Joseph Chilton Pearce;
Source Code Meditation by Michael Cotton.

For more information and a complimentary session contact Agnes Loughlin Certified Mastery Higher Brain Living® Facilitator   (773) 791-9590