Have you lost weight and then gradually gained it back and felt frustrated as your favorite slacks feel tight around the waist?

Are you tired of dieting, seeing results, then once you go off you go back to your old ways and the weight creeps back on? 

Maybe not all of it but some does…seems like a waste, right? 

And like a never ending cycle of craziness!

Well there are many reasons this happens and it’s not all your fault!


Join me for a free masterclass where I share 20 years of knowledge on WHY this happens and HOW TO AVOID it in the future plus how to FINALLY RELEASE THE WEIGHT FOR GOOD!

If you feel like “you’re supposed to” do something about losing weight, or you just want to tackle this once and for all and get out of the cycle of weight loss and gain, then join me on this free call! (Recording will be available but I encourage you to attend live so we can discuss your situation.)

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More About Your Host

Agnes worked as a Nurse, Nurse practitioner with experience in empowering others in this process endorsed by Dr. Joe Mercola and with her own process in releasing weight.  She is experienced in releasing limiting beliefs and trapped emotions that slow our process to optimal health.  Mastermind meets once per week for one hour with action steps and transforming beliefs that keep our bodies in fat storing mode.


“Agnes’s sunny disposition is such a joy to be around. Her compassion to help others experience good health is obvious by the compassionate way she speaks and interacts with people. Her vast knowledge of natural living practices is expressed through the good health she experiences and models. This makes her a very inspirational for women to learn from. The practical applications she shares in her talks can transform your life physically, mentally and spiritually.” - (Asana)