Get Greater Clarity for Optimal Health & a NEW You

Come to the Optimal Health and Ageless Retreat & Course with Master Practitioner, Agnes Loughlin

Do you know there’s more to life than what you’re experiencing? Do you know you DESERVE more? 

You deserve to feel more joy, more love, more abundance. You deserve to manifest whatever you desire!

This 31/2-day retreat will be exactly what you need if so!

Hi there, I’m Agnes and I believe we are spiritual beings living a human experience.  We heal on many levels.


I’m a certified Theta Healer, Emotion Code facilitator, Life Mastery Institute coach, and Higher Brain Living Facilitator. 


What does that mean for you? Well, I help a lot of individuals through a lot of challenging situations in life. 

Many clients come to me for issues with:

But it has not always been happiness unlimited for me.  When I was in my 40s, it seemed like I had no friends and my relationship was just something that happened or did not.  I was married, had two children.  I had no health or other real issues.  Why was I not feeling connected to my life and others?  In fact, it took me many more years to realize that my life was off track.

I call it going through the motions of life without a deep connection to love in myself.  I would go through the busyness of life: caring for my husband, children, working a job, cooking, cleaning, and attending social outings.  One day I woke up from this sleepwalk, when a visiting stranger forced me to examine what I really wanted in life.  It was painful at first.  I cried.  I was determined also.  I said that love was the only thing that mattered.

I read a book which inspired me to feel that deep joy and connection were possible.  The changes did not happen overnight but gradually over the next 2 years.  What changed was me.  I so wanted to feel that connection to myself as love.  I asked for it in meditation.  I released my emotional baggage and my beliefs about who I am and what is possible.  I learned and received healing modalities that changed my life.

I began to live my life with purpose and passion.  I attracted amazing relationships.  My relationship with myself changed.  I feel deep joy and deep gratitude in every aspect of my life.  This is why I would love to empower you in connecting with your inner power to have more of the joy and feeling radiant that life offers.

If you’re saying “yeah but” right now… perhaps you’re feeling like:

There is something more for YOU! 

YOU can become less stressed, less triggered.

YOU have a purpose. YOU’RE worth it!

Attend my next Optimal Health and Agelessness Retreat and feel more empowered and energized to live and DESIGN YOUR life with happiness and health! Recalibrate and reconnect in a relaxing, nurturing setting.

You are a powerful creator!

At the Optimal Health and Agelessness Retreat you will gather with a supportive community of JOY Expanders and Experience the following:

Course Agenda during and after the retreat includes:

Energy facts about your mitochondria

Telomeres and stress

Optimal anti-aging exercises 

Orgasmic bedroom yoga and Body & Brain yoga

Metabolic Flexibility

Keto-fast rules

Changing beliefs that keep you on the treadmill of weight gain

Envisioning My Health Meditation

Parasites and disease overview

Measure your stress with a HRV scan

Best supplements for detoxing and releasing weight

Healthy meal preparation—including some recipes

Hiking in the red rocks of Arizona and connecting to its energy

Dates: Thursday-Monday Jan 20th-24th in beautiful Sedona Arizona

Times:  6:00 PM -9:00AM  Jan 20th—Jan 24th.  

Location:  Private Center in Sedona Arizona 

We are excited for this beautiful location to Give yourself the gift of immersing yourself in this abundant energy for three and ½ days. Come by Thursday night to get acquainted with the beautiful surroundings and meet other retreat attendees.  Retreat price includes breakfast and lunch and lodging.  Local dinners out are extra.

What to bring:  A notebook or journal and your open mind to what’s possible. Wear comfortable clothes.

What else we’ll be doing:  Walking on the trails, meditation, yoga. Be comfy.  We will take breaks accordingly.

Total Value of all the activities, healing and experiences during this retreat is $4,550.

Your Early Bird Registration of $1997 includes:

Registration is limited to 10 awesome women—or ask if you would like to bring a partner. 

Pay now with 1 payment of $1997

Pay now with 2 payments of $998.50

Pay now with 3 payments of $667

I am interested in the retreat only or live zoom course only. Contact Agnes 773 791 9590

Here’s what previous retreat attendees have said:

“Agnes’s sunny disposition is such a joy to be around. Her compassion to help others experience good health is obvious by the compassionate way she speaks and interacts with people. Her vast knowledge of natural living practices is expressed through the good health she experiences and models. This makes her a very inspirational for women to learn from. The practical applications she shares in her talks can transform your life physically, mentally and spiritually.” - (Asana)

I have worked with Agnes for about 3 months in her facilitated Life Mastery Institute Mentoring Program. I can’t say enough wonderful things about Agnes and the program itself. Changing the perception, view and beliefs to manifest the life that we deserve and want is not always easy as we have been conditioned in the total opposition to the truth. Agnes’s dedication, passion, support and commitment to my own progress was extremely helpful and needed. I love to see more and more people like Agnes who risk leaving the familiar profession and follow the calling of their own soul. She helps others to reach their human potential, so we can become who we truly are in the process. The best thing you can ever do is to work with Agnes to change your life for a way better future! Thank you.