Emotional Healing

Emotional healing is a form of energy healing which releases trapped emotions or emotional blocks embedded in your body from your past or inherited.  All diseases have an emotional component associated with their presence.  There are many types of negative emotional energies that we hold in our energetic fields, for example:  heart walls, psychic trauma, emotional resonance, trapped emotions, absorbed emotions, emotional blocks, etc.


We attract disease through our own emotional states and belief systems. Now there is an increasing awareness among the scientific community that toxic emotion can contribute to disease.We judge ourselves as less than an unworthy which sets the situation up for charged polar energy.

Releasing emotional energies in the body is simple and safe.  There is no need to relive or remember the past trauma or pain.  Emotional healing can set the stage for you to attract abundance into every area of your life.  Releasing Heart Walls actually raises your vibrational level a noticeable amount—a phenomenal experience since most people never change their vibrational level.   For a description of vibrational level read Power versus Force by Dr. David Hawkins.

Agnes studied with Dr. Bradley Nelson, founder of The Emotion Code/Body Code.  Emotional blocks are located through muscle testing.  Releasing takes only a few seconds.  Agnes is skilled and intuitive in muscle testing and releasing emotional energies.  She also supports you to forgive yourself, which sets the stage for increased awareness and freedom.  Embrace your true power and the love that you are through awareness and forgiveness.

I embrace the power and freedom of forgiveness for it connects me to my Divine potential to expand and to manifest all which I desire.

Emotional healing sessions can be done in person, on the phone, or long distance.