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testimonials about Agnes
I have worked with Agnes for about 4 months in her facilitated Life Mastery Institute Mentoring Program. I cant say enough wonderful things about Agnes and the program itself. Changing the perception, view and beliefs to manifest the life that we deserve and want is not always easy as we have been conditioned in the total opposition to the truth. Agnes's dedication, passion, support and commitment to my own progress was extremely helpful and needed. I love to see more and more people like Agnes who risk leaving the familiar profession and follow the calling of their own soul. She helps others to reach their human potential, so we can become who we truly are in the process. The best thing you can ever do is to work with Agnes to change your life for a way better future! Thank you. 
Izabela Adamus
owner Wholistic Therapeutics, Illinois licensed Physical Therapist, Myofacial Release Expert, Practitioner
For those who have degenerative diseases that their traditional healthcare provider is recommending pharmaceuticals and surgery as the only options, I strongly recommend they get a diagnosis from Agnes first to see if there is a holistic way to 'cure' rather than just put a bandaid on the symptoms. It's time to pay attention to those who understand holistic health care practitioners like Agnes if you want a healthy future into your golden years that's drug-free and pain free. 
Candice Wilson
Canigan International
Agnes’s sunny disposition is such a joy to be around. Her compassion to help others experience good health is obvious by the compassionate way she speaks and interacts with people. Her vast knowledge of natural living practices is expressed through the good health she experiences and models. This makes her a very inspirational for women to learn from. The practical applications she shares in her talks can transform your life physically, mentally and spiritually.
Jean Shinners
International Speaker, Teacher and Student
Wow! This workshop was incredible. I’ve received new insights and I’m more motivated than I have been in years! Thank YOU!
Izabela Adamus
Owner Wholistic Therapeutics Physical Therapist
I am grateful to have discovered and tried ThetaHealing. Agnes Loughlin suggested a session to help me to resolve feelings of being stuck in fear and sadness after a series of traumatic experiences. The ThetaHealing session Agnes led me through helped me to heal some negative beliefs rooted since childhood, shifting from feeling stuck and trapped by life into much more positive states of being. I now see more possibilities and find, myself looking forward to things again. I have seen a change in how I relate to others. I feel connected, yet can more easily maintain healthy boundaries without feelings of guilt. I feel lighter and more joyful!
Therese Weber