Finding Sustained Joy

This post is from an interview I did over at I tell of my journey to reach the inner desires of feeling connection and deep joy, and how I empower others to do the same.
I come from a background in nursing and have a profound understanding of healthcare and health. I believes health has many dimensions and that most people are unaware of this.


How do you define ‘disconnect’ and is this something that we should all aspire to avoid?

Personally, I feel a better term for ‘disconnect’ is ‘loneliness’ and I feel that most people will probably deny feeling either as they are not aware that they have it. Awareness is the key to changing our lives and unless we have the consciousness that something needs to be changed, we will continue to repeat the same patterns over and over.

I believe loneliness has three symptoms: busy-ness (a major part of my personal issue), procrastination and disease (a major cause of – heart disease, depression etc..). Most people will not acknowledge loneliness for what it is and will find themselves focusing on one of the three symptoms mentioned above instead of focusing on what they really want or need.

It is not about surrounding ourselves with friends and loved ones as loneliness represents the feeling of when something that we really want eludes us.

Loneliness is probably an integral part of each and every one of us in forms such as grief, sadness or feeling unworthy – however, it is what we focus on and how we choose to go about creating what we want in our everyday lives that is important. Being alone does not necessarily lead to loneliness.

Is Sustained Joy something that you feel we can all attain, and how accessible is this?

Yes of course it is attainable. However, do most of us attain this? Probably not. For me, what changed was the realization that ‘more’ was possible. My unconscious programs were blocking me.

We are programmed from childhood to believe that only this much is possible and we also hold on to ancestral beliefs and emotional baggage.

Unless we become aware, it will continue to control our lives.

I only realized more was possible when I read the book Power Versus Force by David R. Hawkins, and this book changed my life.

Awareness, consciousness and joy came to the fore, and I knew that I had been blocking myself from attaining all of these.

Would you describe the experience you had in your forties to be the feminine equivalent of a ‘mid-life crisis’, and what changed within you?

It doesn’t matter when it happens, and unfortunately for a lot of people, it may never happen. I wasn’t sure why I felt this loneliness. I was in an emotional crisis and not understanding what action to take or why I felt this way.

I knew that I wanted more love and more connection. When I read the previously mentioned book, I realized that I was blocking myself, and only I had the key to unlocking the door.

I believe that asking deep and meaningful questions is the way to find what is really true in our hearts and allows us to move forward. That awareness is how my life changed and how I embarked on a trajectory to create more for myself and be happier – it meant I needed to focus on my own conscious creations every day.

What can one expect to walk away with after a session with Agnes?

It depends on what you want for yourself. I cannot choose for you. The person chooses what limiting beliefs they want to release. I believe we have four areas in our lives that we create. I help the person create awareness and share tools for them to create what they want in terms of their thoughts and emotions. I have tools that help release negative patterns.

We also create in terms of our health – I have many tools which focus on optimum health, and I myself practice little rituals every day to optimize my health. I encourage my clients to do the same and to be aware that only they are responsible for their health.

The third area that we create in our lives is relationships – friends, family…Family can be one of the biggest triggers of our own transformation and awareness as they are familiar with our triggers and all our emotional issues that we often sweep under the rug. We tend to hide our vulnerabilities when out and about, functioning in everyday life and interacting with strangers.

The fourth area that we create in our lives is environment – external environment creations. This pertains to our external creations, how we want to create our lives in terms of our career, creative endeavors and money. My clients get to work on this and I use my Higher Brain Tools and my Theta tools to empower and guide.

It is a process – not only of creating it, but writing it, saying it, envisioning it and constantly repeating it out loud. Feeling is the secret. We need to feel healthy and feel mentally engaged. When we feel, then we are, or we become.

Is it true that we only access 5% of our potential, and is this from an emotional, intellectual, physical or spiritual perspective?

We have all of these aspects (emotion, intellect, physical, spiritual) but we create as a whole and I wouldn’t want to separate one from the other. I am sure that a few people go beyond and access more than 5 or 10%, but I am pretty sure that many people only realize on their deathbed, or at some stage, that they are not happy or that they never created a happy life.

95% of how we live our lives is what we call functioning on auto-pilot or sleepwalking. We are repeating patterns and not creating something new – what we really want. What is important is to realize that we can change these repetitious patterns that don’t serve us and the ways in which we are reacting instead of being and creating.

There are so many tools out there to help us heal – I love inspiring people to create joy, connection, health and relationships.

Can you explain healing with DNA and would working alongside modalities such as Reiki enhance this process?

I think all healing modalities are wonderful and I work with those that have resonated with me or for some reason came into my life. I love Theta healing for example.

As far as DNA is concerned, I learnt through Theta healing that changing your DNA is entirely possible. Our DNA is affected by our thoughts, our beliefs and the toxins in our environment. It is possible to reverse the damage that is done. Theta healing and sound healing have proven to be amazing tools in this practice.

How would you describe the work you do?

I would describe my work as empowering YOU to be more of YOU and YOUR potential and to release things that hold you back. When we focus on what gives us joy, we feel fully alive; then we engage in life for our highest potential.

I have two free gifts on my website for my listeners: Top 10 Ways to Have More Joy and Connection Today and a Meditation to Embrace and Expand in Love.



Potentiate Your DNA

What is Potentiation? Potentiate Your DNA

Sound Healing for the Chakras

This energy shifting paradigm was started by American Sol Luckman who wrote the books Conscious Healing (2006,2010)and Potentiate Your DNA published in 2011.

Potentiation Electromagnetic re-patterning is the first of 4 integrated DNA activations also called the Regenetics Method.  These are received on a specific timeline sequence and are your choice to receive.  The Potentiation session employs specific sound and light codes produced vocally and mentally—to stimulate self healing and transformational potential in DNA.  The process resets your Bioenergy fields which have been distorted by toxins and/or trauma.   The Potentiation session lasts about 30 minutes, which can be done in person and is often done remotely.

“This is revolutionary healing science that’s expanding the boundaries of being.” NEXUS NEW TIMES

Three percent of DNA is known scientifically to assemble our physical bodies.  Potential DNA or the other 97 % is in constant meta-genetic interface with our bioenergy blueprint.  This 97 percent of DNA is in constant dialogue with our bioenergy blueprint or life-wave to determine which instructions for healing and evolving our bodies are passed on by potential DNA to the rest of DNA for activation.

The science of wave-genetics has demonstrated , correctly applied, human language can be employed to access, reset, and even transform our bioenergy blueprint(physical body).

During healing and transformation of a species through DNA activation, transposons or “jumping DNA “ are instructed by potential DNA to shift their chromosomal positions –in small numbers when it comes to healing, but by the thousands during evolutionary transformation.  The American Barbara McClintock was awarded the Nobel Prize in physiology and medicine for this discovery of jumping DNA.

Regarding evolutionary transformation, such a massive molecular rearrangement fundamentally alters genes and creates radically new protein coding sequences that produce distinct and unprecedented creatures.  The end result is a spontaneous evolution—which happens neither gradually nor adaptively, but as a veritable metamorphosis within a single lifetime—of an existing species into a new one.  This process explains why no “transitional “ fossils can be found for so many species.  This process is called meta-genetics demonstrates that evolution is driven by consciousness.  Individually and collectively, there is only conscious evolution—or none at all.  And such conscious evolution, personally and universally, occurs by way of DNA activation.

The widely discussed Flynn Effect shows dramatic increases in human IQ over recent years that, having to do with abstract or symbolic thinking, simply cannot be explained by better education or improved technology.

DNA Potentiation also seals the fragmentary body.  In the usual human bioenergy blueprint there are nine bioenergy fields or chakras and a Fragmentary body or a energetic disruption in the second chakra.  In DNA Potentiation, after 5months the ninth chakra descends like a pancake and merges with the 2nd chakra. This seals the Fragmentary Body, allowing for the free flow of bioenergy throughout the body. This sets the stage for dramatic healing.

The actual session is done in 30 minutes and can be done remotely, meaning you do not need to be physically present in person.  The session involves a specific tuning fork and vowel chanting which are in the book Potentiate your DNA.  There is a separate set of vowels for distance healing.  The process takes 9 months to complete.  The Fragmentary Body is sealed at the 5th month.

Benefits of Potentiation

Benefits reported by those receiving Potentiation are both subtle and dramatic and span both body, mind, spirit continuums.

The most common reported benefits include:

Allergy Elimination, Enhanced Energy, Clearer Skin

Thicker Hair, Better Digestion,  Sharper Thinking,  Healthier Relationships

Deeper Sleep, Greater Abundance, Straighter Posture, Parasite Cleansing

Healthier Urination, Pain Relief, Regular Stools, Physical Strengthening

Stronger Immunity , Improved Respiration, Clearer Boundaries, Thicker Hair, Fewer Migraines